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I want to die but I'm not brave enough to commit suicide

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Robin Williams’ passing is hitting me.

The more I think about Robin Williams taking his own life the sadder his death gets.

Lots of people commit suicide unfortunately, including celebrities, but Robin Williams was such a source of joy. That man could smile at just about anyone and brighten up their life. I wasn’t even a dedicated follower of him and every time I saw him or heard his voice my spirits lifted a little.

He had something for everyone, a different flavor of smile for every demographic. Whether it was Disney cartoons, stand up comedy, or even his tragic movies that just remind you that you still have a functioning heart, he had smiles for every kind of person. Hell, he even did a commercial for the 3DS version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Something for annoying gamers like myself!

And to know that this magical, magical man and his endless stash of laughs and fuzzy feelings who shaped our childhoods lost the battle to the ultimate sadness is one of the most defeating things I think I’ll ever hear in my entire life.

Depression sucks. If any good comes out of this, maybe we will shed a more serious light on this assassin of an illness.

But for now, R.I.P. Robin Williams. Thank you for everything. You gave us 63 years that will last with us forever.

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